Douglas Bader Park

Find out why we're investing in a new future for Douglas Bader Park.

The estate faces a number of challenges

The estate needs considerable maintenance, with several recurring issues:

  • Poorly designed streets means car parking is difficult and pavements can often be inaccessible
  • Poor insulation means homes are not energy efficient
  • Outdated construction methods and the age of the buildings causes condensation and damp
  • Outdated space standards mean homes are smaller than the current London Plan space standards
  • Homes are often overcrowded or under-occupied, meaning they don’t work many residents

Homes and flats are Wimpey No-Fines construction. Most banks restrict mortgages on these properties. This makes it hard for us to support you in owning your own home if you want to in the future.

Douglas Bader Park site plans.

Building better quality homes that residents love to live in

There’s a real opportunity to regenerate the estate, offering a once-in-a-generation opportunity to meet both resident’s existing and future needs. We will build high quality sustainable homes which meet modern standards, creating a vibrant and thriving community.

A redeveloped Douglas Bader Park will provide:

  • 753 new homes including a new home offer for all existing residents who wish to remain on the estate
  • 386 parking spaces, including 180 parking spaces for Home Group residents and 74 disabled bays across the three phases
  • Better insulation and ventilation, including central heating
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly homes
  • Enhanced green and open areas
  • An upgrade to the green space to the west of the estate
  • Improved security and design to tackle anti-social behaviour and create a safer, more secure estate

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