Douglas Bader Park

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Engagement with residents

Next steps and recent engagement:

March 2023

Phase one resident allocation appointments.

January 2023 - present

Meetings with phase two residents to discuss preferred locations within the borough to begin the temporary home search.

25th January 2023

Start building the first new homes in phase one.

7th December 2022

Hill Partnerships begin to hoard off the phase one site.

4,5 and 6th October 2022

Phase two residents – Meet the project team.

7th September 2022

Phase one site handover to Hill Partnerships to begin demotion of 1-27 North Green and 52-64 Linklea Close.

February - September 2022

Phase one temporary move programme.

Previous engagement and information from the past 18 months


  • October – November: one-to-one meetings with residents living in phase one (1-27 North Green and 52-64 Linklea Close)
  • September: planning outcome and planning letters to all residents
  • February: one-to-one meetings with residents living in phase one


  • December: planning application submission
  • October: final virtual public exhibition live from 27 October - 10 November
  • May: webinar on green and public open spaces
  • June: webinar on design and materials

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