Factoring in Scotland

Information on our property factoring service.

In Scotland, property factors manage and maintain the common parts of property or land owned by more than one homeowner. It could include stairways, hallways and roofs of a tenement flat, or the common gardens or amenity areas in estates. Property factors may be a private business, local authority, or registered social landlord like us.

In Scotland we operate as Home Scotland Limited and we’re a registered property factor (PF000277) providing services to homeowners who form part of mixed tenure blocks or developments. Which means we abide to the Code of Conduct for Property Factors.

Factoring FAQs

Here are some of the questions we’re regularly asked, but you should refer to the Written Statement of Service and your statements for the information specific to the factoring service we provide to you.

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Repairs and maintenance

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You can report a repair online. When you report a repair use your block address rather than your flat address.

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