Douglas Bader Park

Find out why we're investing in a new future for Douglas Bader Park.

The build of the new estate will be split into three phases and when you move will depend on the phase your existing home and new home are in.

The new estate has been designed with residents' input, with an improved layout to better relate to the surrounding area. There is a significant investment in new modern homes and greenspaces which means it will be a long and complex build programme.

We have now revised the detail of the build programme with three distinct build phases. The indicative timeframe is 10 years to complete all aspects of building the new homes (for all tenures) and greenspaces by 2031.

There has been a slight change to the build programme due to the delays we encountered moving residents temporarily in phase one. The timetable below reflects these changes. This differs from the decant charter issued in September 2021.

We will let you know if anything else changes, and we continue to update you about the build programme with letters, the website and one-to-one meetings.

As the build programme progresses, we will confirm exactly when you need to move. This will be done with resident meetings on a phase-by-phase basis. The below table shows estimated timescales.

Estimated timescales

Areas fr demolitionNew build phaseEstimated deadline for temporary moves to complete by (so demolition can start begin)Estimated start date to build new homes

1-27 North Green

52-64 Linklea Close

1Spring 2022*January 2023

1-9 South Green

1-36 Parklea Close

1-21 Larch Green

1-36 Brooklea Close

19-21 Willow Green

2Spring 2024*Winter 2024*

1-18 Willow Green

1-36 Highlea Close

1-21 Birch Green

1-51 Linklea Close

3Spring 2027*Autumn 2027*

*Timescales are indicative and may change during the course of the build programme.

The new homes we are building for our residents

Phase one

Property typeTotal number provided
Two bedroom house11
Three bedroom house6
Four bedroom house13
Five bedroom house5
Six bedroom house3

Phase two

Property typeTotal number provided
One bedroom flat42
One bedroom flat (wheelchair)5
Two bedroom flat51
Two bedroom flat (wheelchair)2
Three bedroom flat12
Three bedroom flat (wheelchair)2
Three bedroom maisonette7
Four bedroom maisonette7

Phase three

Property typeTotal number provided
One bedroom flat25
One bedroom flat (wheelchair)8
Two bedroom flat26
Two bedroom flat (wheelchair)6
Three bedroom flat9
Three bedroom flat (wheelchair)1
Three bedroom maisonette9
Three bedroom house6
Four bedroom house13
Five bedroom house3

Estate walkabouts

Estate walkabouts take place weekly on a Thursday at 1pm with your Housing Manager.

If you would like to attend an estate inspection or have any questions, please contact us and ask for your housing manager.

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