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Douglas Bader Park

Find out why we're investing in a new future for Douglas Bader Park.

Image: Douglas Bader Park
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About Douglas Bader Park

About Douglas Bader Park

Douglas Bader Park is a Home Group estate made up of 271 affordable homes in Colindale. In April 2016, we carried out a full assessment and discovered that homes fell short of our expected standards. Three options were considered (on-going maintenance, partial regeneration and total renewal) and, after investigation, it was concluded that a comprehensive regeneration of the entire estate would be the best long-term approach for our customers.

Estate regeneration will ensure customers who would like to stay on the estate can return to a new, high-quality home. We will also provide a mix of homes which reflect the broad range of local housing needs to create a balanced community.

Customer ballot

Customer ballot

Keeping our customers involved in the future of Douglas Bader Park is central to our approach. In May 2019, residents had their chance to have their say in an independent ballot and voted in favour of the regeneration of their estate.

We asked the question:  “Are you in favour of the proposal for the regeneration of Douglas Bader Park?”

Yes 75.4%
No 24.6%
Turnout: 90.5%

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