Universal Credit: updating rent and service charges

Let Universal Credit know when your rent and service charge change

Read our guidance below to make sure you are receiving the correct amount of Universal Credits.

These changes will happen on 1 April for monthly tenancies and 3 April for weekly tenancies. If you are late reporting changes, Universal Credit won’t usually backdate them, and you could lose out on money you are entitled to.

You must complete the following on the dates below:

  • For customers on a monthly tenancy, you should complete this on or soon after 1 April
  • For customers who are charged weekly, you should complete this on or soon after 3 April
Date Of Change

Date of change

You will be asked if your housing costs change on 3 April 2023.

As a Home Group customer, you will answer "Yes" to this question.

If you're not sure, you will have been sent a letter from us with the date of change from us.

Changes To Your Rent

Changes to your rent

Next, you will be asked if your rent is still charged weekly or monthly.

The timings of when you pay your rent will not have changed so you can answer "Yes" to this.

Weekly Service Charge

Changes to your service charges

Lastly, you will be asked if you are still charged weekly or monthly for your service charges.

The frequency you pay your service charge will not have changed, so answer "Yes".

Then confirm the amount of your new service charges per week or month. Again, you can get this information from your annual rent change letter recently sent to you.

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