Savings and discount schemes

Enjoy discounts on high street shopping, groceries, travel, eating out and more. Customers in Scotland only.

We offer two discount schemes for customers in Scotland:

These reward schemes give you money off high street shopping, groceries, eating out, cinema visits, attractions and more. You’ll get discounts from a range of retailers from Tesco and Optical Express, to Vodafone and B&Q.

Home Group rewards

To start saving with Home Group rewards:

1. Have your tenancy reference number and scheme ID (4663) to hand
2. Visit Home Group rewards
3. Click register for free to get started

Vectis Card

A Vectis Card is a discount card which lives on your smart phone, for use at registered retailers. Follow the steps below to use your card.

Phone screen with download symbol and word

Step one

Download the Vectis Card app for free. You'll need an internet connection to use the Vectis Card app.

Phone screen with search bar and key word 'offers'

Step two

Search for offers.

Phone screen with map of UK and pins at locations

Step three

View participating retailers.

Phone screen with vectis card showing

Step four

Select 'my Vectis Card' to show at the venue.

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