Support services for young people

Our services has facilities, support and teams built uniquely for each young person to develop.

Supporting customers

We focus on ensuring customers feel safe and secure in their home.

Customers are matched with the colleagues of their choice, maintaining this link wherever possible. We will gradually introduce all colleagues to customers by spending time with them and their families to build trusting relationships. A team of positive behavioural support (PBS) workers, led by a PBS team leader, will support each customer.

Needs and risks can change. Periods of behaviour of concern may mean a colleague needs to transfer to alternative duties on a temporary or permanent basis to avoid burnout. Any colleague changes will be planned and discussed with each customer, family, and stakeholders. We consider customers' difficulties with trust and building up new relationships.

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Our design principles 

We apply Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) Principles to our spaces. These spaces consider noise, light, comfort and colour throughout private and communal areas. Private key workspaces for colleagues? are also available.

Applying our design principles to Nicholas House

Nicholas House is a safe and happy place for customers to live. Everyone has their own home in the community, with choice and control. Customers can develop friendships, participate in meaningful activities, and access the local community.

A nurse manager oversees the service and is supported by a deputy, PBS specialist, PBS team leaders, and teams of PBS workers.

Information around the building is presented so that customers will not feel overwhelmed. For example, the number and placement of signs are considered.

There is a multi-purpose space on the ground floor for social, therapeutic, group activities or other uses. As well as two private rooms for one-to-one discussions, family meetings or support. Customers will also have easy access to the large rear garden, creating a soothing and calm environment.

Almost all apartments comprise a bedroom, wet room, kitchen and living room. Each customer and their family have choice and control over the décor, lighting, and colour in their homes and how communal space is used.

Colleagues have access to dedicated office space, where they can take a timeout if needed, and additional discreet support is available.

They listened to us and a lot of what we said has been put into practice. This is better than we could ever have imagined

Parents of a Home Group customer

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