Positive behavioural support service

This service supports customers to move into the community from long term or secure in-patient facilities.

What our positive behavioural support service provides

Medway Transforming Care Partnership commissions our positive behavioural support service (PBS). PBS provides care and interventions for people with a learning disability or an autistic spectrum condition. They may also have other mental health issues, challenging behaviour or forensic needs. This service offers a range of bespoke and personalised care. It supports people to move into the community from long term or secure in-patient provision. As well as supporting those at risk of admission.

This service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is registered for ‘personal care' with the Care Quality Commission and employs a dedicated care and support team. This includes a clinically registered manager, clinical psychologist and occupational therapist.

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Working with customers

The core clinical leadership team works with our customers and existing networks to develop and deliver a tailored, person-centred support plan. The plan reflects customer history, unique talents and gifts, hopes, aspirations and everything that matters to them.

The PBS team is led by a clinical registered manager and a deputy manager. There is an occupational therapist and a clinical psychologist on the team too. The clinical team can intervene at the earliest point to avert crisis. This ensures customers are safe, well and out of hospital by providing advice, guidance and management to their support team.

The service also helps customers to find a home in the community. Along with the security of an assured tenancy or share in their homeownership.

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