Our home design philosophy

Find out how we design safe and bespoke homes around the needs of our customers.

We buy and redevelop high quality, bespoke homes, working with customers alongside their family, carers and health and social care professionals. We don’t replicate institutional or clinical environments. Instead, we create joyful and lively places for people to live.

If you want to know more about the home design philosophy or our complex care services, you can get in touch.

Design features

Each home is high quality, fit for purpose and robust, with an emphasis on a safe environment for customers and their support teams. Design features include:

  • Sound insulation
  • Toughened glazing
  • Recessed light fittings and switch plates
  • Floor finish to include non-slip vinyl floor with rolled up edges
  • Underfloor heating or Thermo shirt systems
  • Double action internal opening doors
  • Matte finish/low reflective surfaces
  • Touch safe integrated hob
  • Integrated appliances
  • Soft close doors/drawers
  • Concealed or boxed in pipework

Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)

We apply Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) Principles to our homes designs. This takes into account the thinking, emotions, personalities and past experience of the customer.

PIE creates welcoming and reablement focused spaces that consider noise, light, comfort and colour. Each customer and their family have choice and control about décor, lighting and use of colour in their homes.

The gardens are inviting places, with areas for quiet reflection. Garden design features include:

  • Robust materials
  • Low arousal areas
  • Logical layout with clear paths and landscapes.

Each customer will be encouraged to shape the outdoor area to meet their wishes. For example, if they want to grow fruit and vegetables.

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