Our bespoke complex care service

We design support around customer needs. Read on to see this bespoke service in action.

We support people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and/or Autism and complex behaviour support needs who are inappropriately housed in hospital, assessment and treatment units or living in out of area placements. Get in touch to learn more about our complex care services, or read on for more information.

This support is a direct response to the NHS Transforming Care programme, which aims to move customers into homes and facilities in their local community. As a result, this closes a significant number of in-patient beds.

The programme’s aim to make sure is that customers receive the care and support that they need, to live within their preferred community long term and help to reduce strains on NHS services. We address health inequalities and we provide a range of clinical interventions to add value to local authorities and health partners.

Read below to discover how this service helped our customers, Dan and Jon.

Meet Dan and Jon

We are supporting two brothers in the Birmingham area who were living in housing unsuited to their needs.

Dan is a 30 year old with Autism, learning disabilities, acute stress disorder and he was high risk of placement breakdown.

Jon is also 30 years old with Autism and learning disabilities. Because of this, he receives one to one care and two to one care for five hours a day. Before we started supporting Jon he was living in a residential care home. Although this placement was successful, Jon was isolated due to living with many other young adults and being away from Dan.

Jon was living in a service that would not accept Dan. This was due to the complexities of Dan's learning disabilities, and his unwillingness to wear clothes. The next three years consisted of little contact between both brothers, Jon’s quality of life was improving but Dan’s, unfortunately, wasn’t. Following a placement breakdown and a hospital admission in 2017, their parents made the choice to a home that could support both Dan and Jon and allow them to live together once again. Home Group’s complex care service was the provider of choice and so the journey began.

How we've supported Dan and Jon

We purchased a three bedroom detached house which has been adapted for their needs. This included extending and replicating Jon’s previous bedroom and wet room to reduce the amount of change he would face. A further purpose built wet room was fitted to meet Dan’s needs. Meeting both of their sensory needs was very important.

The property is spacious and includes a huge garden giving Dan and Jon all the space they need. Both customers now have better access to health services, such as a GP and dental care. We are working with external agencies at times of crisis, putting Dan and Jon at the heart of everything we do.

Jon’s interactions with others have been remarkable and he is now enjoying new activities. This reduced the amount of time he was spending on his own. He now spends time in the lounge and garden with our colleagues.

Dan is now accessing the community on a regular basis and is able to tolerate wearing clothes. This has allowed relationships to grow and improved visits from their parents. Sisters, brothers and nieces are now able to visit when they want for the first time in years.

Dan and Jon’s independence has grown with the use of active support. Active support assists people by focusing on making sure they are engaged and understanding thier their wants and needs. Their communication skills have developed, one of the exercises uses pictures and objects. This increase in independence allows both of them free choice and more control over their care and support.

It’s given us peace of mind. We can go to bed at night and get up in the morning confident that they are being looked after.

Jon and Dan's parents

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