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Our move on model

Our move on model helps customers move back into the community by providing low level, intensive housing management interventions.

Our Move on properties are available in certain regions to those over 18 who need safe, quality, affordable housing. As part of this care model, we will provide residents with two to three hours of housing related support per week, dependent on their individual needs.

Customers are issued an Assured Shorthold tenancy for up to two years, which can be extended if needed.

Our Move on properties will house single people, couples and small families. Other people also looking to access our service may include:

  • People who are homeless or struggling financially
  • People who may have had a relationship breakdown
  • Young people forced to leave home, care or foster placements
  • Victims who are fleeing domestic abuse
  • People with mental health needs
  • People recovering from substance misuse and engaging with healthcare professionals or support agencies
  • People who are inadequately housed or overcrowded

Please note that the service is unlikely to be suitable for those with high support needs as the support provided is specifically related to housing management. Applications will be assessed individually to ensure safe and sustainable communities.

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