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Discharge models

Our discharge models are designed to support customers to live in the community and offer housing advice and support for customers.

Our Hospital Discharge models

The models offer housing advice and support for customers both in a ward-based setting then, following discharge, in the community.

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Based on the ward and working alongside the existing multidisciplinary team, our team support those identified as presenting with a housing related need.

We work with customers from their point of admission to the ward, helping to secure safe and suitable housing. This means that when the customer is deemed medically fit for discharge, there are no housing related barriers.

In a 6 month study

We've been able to...

Reduce the average duration of inpatient stays by 74 days

This equates to...

A saving of £28k+ per person, or £1.7m across the service

Discharge to Assess model

What is the Discharge to Assess model?

This model is for clinically fit customers who do not require an acute hospital bed but may still require short-term care services. It is funded support to enable these customers to be discharged to their own homes (where appropriate) or another community setting. An assessment for longer-term care and support needs is undertaken at the most appropriate time and environment.

We provide accommodation which allows us to use kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, aiding rehabilitation. Alongside these, we will sometimes use hotels.

In a recent pilot

Our accommodation...

Saved the local authority £40k compared to the cost of local hotels.

They have helped meet patients’ needs in terms of accommodation which typically causes delay in discharge. This has also taken the workload off the nursing staff in fulfilling this role.

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