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"I used to think I was a shy person but I’m not shy at all..."

Sema who wears glasses and a head scarf, smiling.

Sema Cosgun

Sema is a former Home Group customer at Tyneside Foyer and now an income assistant at our Newcastle office

I’m a Turkish Muslim woman and I moved to the UK when I was 10. I spoke no English so I really struggled when I started school. I was bullied because of the way I looked, my beliefs and the way I spoke.

I moved to secondary school with zero confidence and thought if I didn’t speak to anyone I would be safe. That was the only way I knew how to protect myself but it didn’t work – the bullies still targeted me because I had no friends.

The first day I walked into school wearing my Hijab in Year 9 people looked at me in a disgusted way and the verbal abuse turned to physical assaults; hitting me, throwing things at me and refusing to sit near me.

It was horrible but I didn’t do anything to stop them or tell my family; I was too scared.

Sema, who wearing glasses and a head scarf, smiling.


I moved to Newcastle in Year 10 but the racism continued and I didn’t have any social life; I was spending all my time with my family because they were the only ones not judging me.

I started a study program at Home Group’s Tyneside Foyer; I still can’t believe what a totally different experience this was – the training team really helped and supported me. They encouraged me to start an apprenticeship which was the best move I’ve made in my life; I will never forget how Home Group has built my confidence up.

I used to think I was a shy person but I’m not shy at all; I was just scared to show my true self; something I don’t need to worry about now.

Home Group does touch people’s lives in a positive way; it’s not just a place to earn money; it’s my second family.

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