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"Don't be phased by anything. Just keep going..."

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Nusheen Hussain (she/her)

Follow Nusheen's journey as a British Asian woman growing up in a time when racism was prevalent and find out what advice she has for anyone following their dreams

My current role at Home Group is Executive Director of Customers and Communities. Over the last 30 years, I have worked in various senior customer-focused marketing and communications roles.

I am passionate about our customer promise and delivering for our customers. In my role, I ensure we get the basics right for our customers. It’s important to me that I get out and about in our communities to work with our customers and our frontline colleagues. Read on for a little more about my journey...

I am a British Asian women of Pakistani origin and was born in London. I grew up at a time when racism was prevalent and as a child, I didn't understand why some people were so mean.

Growing up in a diverse city like London helped, and I had a huge circle of friends and family for support.

My parents took us on holiday to Pakistan every year, so I had a very strong sense of culture and am very proud to speak three Indian-subcontinental languages, fluently!

I was always hardworking and knew that I wanted to work in Central London in marketing or advertising. After university, I worked in financial publishing as a marketing executive and my career progressed upwards from there. I also had three children and didn't stop to take any career breaks. Not sure quite how I did that, to be honest!

Nusheen Smiling

I have worked in many sectors including construction, energy, broadcasting and financial services; all very male dominated and often misogynistic. It was tough, but I always had a very positive attitude and just got things done, no matter what the challenge.

My advice to anyone wanting to follow their dream would be; don't be phased by anything. Just keep going and anything is possible.

There is still a need worldwide for more progressive mindsets and inclusive behaviours. For example, we only see 7% of women at board level in the UK, and even less representation from women of a multicultural background, and that's not because men are better than women; there are darker forces at play here. 

I'd like to inspire young women and give them the confidence to shine and I hope that as a role model for Home Group, I am able to do this.

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