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5th August, 2021 |

5 minute read

"I was 13 when I came out to my family..."

Luke Chi-Hang Cheung (He/him)

Follow Luke's journey through fighting depression and coming out to his family, and how being involved with Home Group has helped him.

My name is Luke Chi-Hang Cheung and I lived at a supported service for mental health for 18 months before moving into my own property and am now getting floating support.

I am a gay man, of mixed Chinese ethnicity and was diagnosed with depression when I was 14. I did well at school and went onto university and started working as a teacher when I was 22. I love teaching and taught A-level students until I was about 27.

My family relationships broke down and I needed to move out. I used a local social prescribing service through my GP who referred me to Home Group.

I have always known I was gay, playing kiss chase in the playground I would wonder why I couldn’t kiss the boys! I was 13 when I came out to my family and they were all accepting of me, which could have been very different given my Chinese heritage. I am very comfortable in my sexuality now but I believe there was a link to my depression before I came out, due to the worry that I would be disowned. That worry left me when my family stuck by me but the periods of depression stayed.

Thinking about my future I hope to be well enough to go back into teaching soon. My doctor, the support I’ve had and being involved at Home Group have all contributed to me getting back on that path.

I love being involved, it’s helped to rebuild my confidence and being able to move into my own home. I’ve been able to use my skills in a supportive and encouraging environment which has helped me see my value again.

I’d like people to take away from my story that depression can affect anyone and to remember that you’re never really alone there are people out there who will help you like Home Group has helped me.

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