Our committees

Home Group has five committees that look at financial reporting, audit and risk management, quality of care, development activity, health and safety and governance.

The Home Group Board is additionally supported by five functional committees, whose roles and responsibilities and membership are set out below:

Audit committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for financial reporting, internal control, internal and external audit arrangements and risk management. The members are:

Governance committee

The purpose of the governance committee is to support the Home Group Board in maximising the effectiveness of our governance arrangements. The members are:

Clinical governance committee

The role of the clinical governance committee is to give Home Group assurance on the quality of care for our customers. The members are:

Development committee

The role of the development committee is to oversee and provide assurance to the Home Group Board in discharging its responsibilities for our development activity. The members are:

Health and safety governance committee

The role of the Health and safety governance committee encompasses health and safety policy and objectives, internal health and safety governance and performance and wellbeing strategy and performance. The members are:

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