Understanding your energy usage

Knowing the wattage of your home devices helps you understand how much energy you are using. And when you know that, you can see how much money they cost to run.

Find out how much energy your appliances are using, and how much they cost to run.

The information below, or this handy electric cost calculator will help you do the sums.

Home appliances.

0 to 1 kilowatts per hour (kwh)

Phone charger
A phone charger will use around 0.005kwh, which costs around 0.17p per hour.

Light bulb
A Light bulb will use around 0.01kwh, which costs around 0.34p per hour.

A fridge will use around 0.028kwh, which costs around 0.95p per hour.


A television will use around 0.03kwh, which costs around 1.02p per hour.

Slow cooker

A slow cooker will use around 0.225kwh, which costs around 0.8p per hour.

Washing machine

A washing machine will use around 0.7kwh, which costs around 0.24p per hour.

Air fryer

An air fryer will use around 1kwh, which costs around 0.34p per hour.

Home appliances

1 to 1.5 kilowatts per hour (kwh)

An iron will use around 1.1kwh, which costs around 37p per hour.

A toaster will use around 1.2kwh, which costs around 41p per hour.

A microwave will use around 1.2kwh, which costs around 41p per hour.

A dishwasher will use around 1.2kwh, which costs around 41p per hour.

Vacuum cleaner
A vacuum cleaner will use around 1.4kwh, which costs around 48p per hour.

Home appliances.

1.5 to 2 kilowatts per hour (kwh)

Electric hob
An eclectic hob will use around 1.7kwh, which costs around 58p per hour.


A kettle will use around 1.8kwh, which costs around 61p per hour.

Cooker and washing machine

2 to 3 kilowatts per hour (kwh)

An oven will use around 2kwh, which costs around 68p per hour.

Tumble dryer

An oven will use around 3kwh, which costs around £1.02p per hour.

*These costs were calculated in December 2022

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