Gas safety

The safety of you and your family is extremely important to us. That’s why we make it a top priority to keep the gas appliances in your home in a safe, working condition at all times.

Anyone who has gas appliances in their home is at risk if those appliances don’t work properly. If you notice anything odd about the gas appliances in your home and aren’t sure what to do, please get in touch with us straight away on 0345 141 4663.

By law, Home Group has to inspect the gas appliances in your home every single year - this is part of our service to you.

There are also steps you can take to keep your home as safe as possible:

  • Make sure you know when your appliances were last checked by us - you should have been given a copy of the  Landlord’s Gas Safety Record when you first moved in 
  • Allow us access to your home as soon as your annual gas safety check is due
  • If you don’t think you’ve had a gas check in the past year, please phone us on 0345 141 4663
  • Try not to damage any of your gas appliances and only use them to do the jobs they’re supposed to do
  • Don’t install or try to repair any gas appliances yourself - it’s really important that only Gas Safe registered engineers work on your gas appliances, and remember Home Group need to give permission before you can make changes to your home
  • Keep an eye out for any warning signs that your appliances are not working as they should - a slow yellow flame, suddenly seeing lots more condensation on your windows and yellow or brown marking or staining on and around gas appliances can all be signs that there’s something wrong. If you spot any of these, please contact us straight away on 0345 141 4663


Gas safety FAQs

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