Focus on complaints

Find out how we've listened to customers and are changing the way we look after complaints.

We hope you never have a reason to complain, but we don’t always get things right and we take it seriously when that happens.

Customers have told us that the way we handle complaints isn’t good enough. We’ve listened to customer feedback and we have carried out an extensive review of the way we manage complaints.

Your feedback and changes we've made

What you tell us really makes a difference. It helps us change the way we do things so we're delivering services that work for you. Quotes used reflect themes from customer feedback.

"You don't make it easy to make a complaint."

We’ve made it easier to report a complaint. You can now report over the phone, in person to a Home Group colleague or really quickly on our website and you can add pictures if you make a complaint online you can also add pictures, if that helps.

“I never hear from the same person twice. It’s really frustrating.”

We’ll give you a dedicated named person for your complaint. They will keep you up to date throughout your complaint.

“It’s taken longer than it should for you to deal with my complaint.”

We’re aiming to improve the speed of dealing with your complaints. We have done this by refreshing our processes and making sure the complaints team is set up in the best way to do this.

“There’s no consistency with how you deal with complaints. It differs depending on who I speak with.”

We’ve made sure every colleague knows how to resolve complaints. We have run detailed briefing sessions for every colleague at Home Group on our new processes.

We want everyone to be clear on what their responsibilities are for making sure customer complaints are resolved quickly and effectively.

“I’m sick of explaining my situation with each new person I speak with.”

We’ve improved the way we store and share information about your complaint. This means colleagues all have access to the same information about your complaint. This means you shouldn’t have to repeat yourself as we will have everything to hand.

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We want to hear from you if we haven't done something right: Make a complaint.

Find out what improvements we're making

Turning a radiator dial.

Doing things right: damp and mould

No one chooses to live with damp and mould, and it can be a serious issue. Over the last few years we have changed the way we deal with these issues. Find out more about these changes.


Doing things right: ASB

Customers tell us that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can make a huge difference to their lives. We want everyone to feel safe in their homes so dealing with ASB is a priority for us.

Customer and colleagues on sofa looking at Surface Pro

Doing things right: complaints

Customers told us the way we handled complaints wasn't good enough. Find out how we have changed the way we manage complaints.

Customers and colleagues chatting at event.

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