Focus on anti-social behaviour

 We want everyone to feel safe in their homes so dealing with ASB is a priority for us.

Customers tell us that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can make a huge difference to their lives. We want everyone to feel safe in their homes so dealing with ASB is a priority for us.

We’re making it easier than ever to report ASB and noise complaints and we’re making sure that our colleagues are fully trained to help when customers are experiencing ASB.

We know most customers live near great neighbours and we hear brilliant things about the communities their homes are in. When this isn’t the case, we’re listening to customers and acting quickly to make sure ASB is stamped out.

What is ASB and how do I report it?

Find out more about ASB and how to report it if you are a victim.

Your feedback and changes we've made

What you tell us really makes a difference. It helps us change the way we do things so we're delivering services that work for you. Quotes used reflect themes from customer feedback.

“You should be clearer with people about how difficult and lengthy it can be to sort out ASB.”

Communication is a focus for us. We’re improving how and when we update you, and we’ll also be clearer about what you can expect when you report ASB.

”All customer-facing staff should have training so they can spot problems and handle cases better.”

Better knowledge across our teams means better support for customers. All front-line colleagues will take updated Home Group training and Chartered Institute of Housing training.

“I don’t want to be left in the dark about my case.”

You want to know what’s happening with your ASB case and our housing managers, community housing assistants and scheme managers are key to keeping you updated. We’re developing a new system to send reminders to colleagues to update you throughout your case.

“You could do better across the board when it comes to ASB.”

We’re simplifying our processes so all colleagues understand the right way to support customers. We’re updating our training, policies, reporting and communications. It’s a lot of change which means a better experience for customers.

“All staff should understand how to sort out ASB using the courts.”

There are different options to resolve ASB, and one route is legal action. The legal process around ASB can be complicated but our additional training will make sure colleagues understand what they can escalate.

”Legal action was the only solution in my case, but it took longer than it should to happen.”

Legal action can take longer than you would like depending on where you live and due to court backlogs. We can’t influence court delays but we are advising affected customers about timescales so they are better informed.

“I reported ASB and the call centre were really helpful. But then I didn’t hear anything from my Housing Manager.”

When you report ASB we will tell you what you can expect from us, and when. This includes hearing from your housing manager, community housing assistant or scheme manager and we’re performance managing this to make sure it happens.

“How do you know what needs improving generally with ASB?”

We improved our reporting in Summer 2023 so we know what’s working well and what we need to work on. We’re also consulting with our ASB customer group every six weeks to make sure we’re on the right track.

“Home Group should have a dedicated team to deal with ASB.”

Many customers report ASB via our customer service team where we have a specialist team ready to help.

Colleagues across Home Group play an important role. So we’re focusing on quality training and performance management for everyone involved, not only a small specialised team.

“Anti-social behaviour is an awful thing to live with and very frightening to report too.”

We handle ASB reports with confidentiality, and you can make a report anonymously.

We will treat you with sensitivity, listen to your concerns and take action. Our aim is to make sure you can enjoy living in your home again.

“Everyone should have the same experience when they report ASB.”

Not only are we making sure colleagues follow a consistent process, we’re making it easy for colleagues to share best practice. That way all colleagues can get advice and learn from the most successful ASB outcomes.

“I want to see more pro-activity when it comes to preventing ASB."

Preventing ASB in the first place is the best outcome for everyone. We spot areas with regular ASB issues and work with the council and police to put things right. We also consider the potential impact of applicants when they are applying for a home in the area.

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Doing things right: ASB

Customers tell us that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can make a huge difference to their lives. We want everyone to feel safe in their homes so dealing with ASB is a priority for us.

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