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Buying a resale retirement home and older persons shared ownership

Buying a pre-loved, or resale retirement home or older persons shared ownership is an affordable way to buy a home as you start a new chapter of your life.

Our resale retirement homes and older persons shared ownership include houses, bungalows and purpose-built apartments in perfect locations fit for your retirement.

All are self-contained and promote independent living. Many benefit for an onsite scheme manager to keep the scheme well maintain and inject a little social fun into life for those who opt to make the most of their new community.

Ideal for

  • Over 55s looking for a vibrant community, support and security
  • People who enjoy living amongst similar-aged people
  • Those who wish to live independently but never on their own
  • Those who want financial freedom and peace of mind to make the most of the next chapter in their lives

You qualify for a retirement home if you are:

  • Over 55, or in many cases over 60
  • Capable of enjoying independent living
  • Criteria differs, so please check the property advert

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At a glance

Shared ownership customers are leaseholders. Your lease tells you:

Moving into a new home is exciting, and to make sure things go smoothly here’s some information to know upfront:

  • You may require a medical assessment to determine your support needs
  • Sometimes we will ask you to take part in a financial check to make sure it’s the right home for your budget

If you are considering older persons shared ownership there are some other things to know.

Shared ownership customers are leaseholders. Your lease tells you:

  • What obligations you must stick to
  • What to expect from us
  • Your rights and responsibilities including repairs and maintenance
  • How and when your rent and service charge is reviewed
  • What is included in your service charge

As an older person shared ownership customer:

  • You may need to pay rent and service charges monthly on the share of the home you do not own. This isn’t always the case, so check with your advisor
  • You are usually responsible for all repairs and maintenance inside the home. And if you live in a house you will usually be responsible for the maintenance and repairs outside your home too. You don’t want to be taken by surprise by repairs, so check your lease or ask your advisor
  • You can usually buy more shares (staircase) until you own 100% your home. But, this isn’t always the case. There are restrictions with some leases, so check the lease or ask your advisor
  • You must purchase at least the share owned by the current owner
  • Part of what’s great about owning a home is putting your own identity on it. If you are planning a home improvement (we don’t mean a bit of paint or wallpaper) then you must get written approval from us before you start
  • Your shared ownership home must be your main home

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