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Our approach to pay

Find out about our approach to pay, with information about our latest gender and ethnicity pay gap performance.

Image: Our approach to pay

As an organisation with a strong social mission, we are absolutely committed to equality and diversity in the workplace as this reflects the customers and communities we exist to serve. We welcome the legislative reporting requirement for organisations to publish details of their gender pay gap and support the drive for ethnicity pay gap reporting to become mandatory - which is why we continue to publish this information alongside our gender pay gap.

Our pay gap results continue to show progress; we’ve seen reductions in the gap across all measures for gender pay and reductions in our average bonus and pay gap for ethnicity. Our gender pay remains below the most recent UK national average figures and we are continuing to see the impact of the measures we’ve put in place in reducing this further. There is some work to be done in ensuring our ethnicity pay gap data is complete; 15% of eligible colleagues had shared their ethnicity (down from 17.54% last year) and we continue to push for this data to ensure we’re investing the right resources in the right places to close that gap.

We regularly share the actions that we're taking to keep getting better, actions which are informed by our strong network and ally groups across Home Group. These actions include Executive Director sponsorship, as well as adopting an ‘internal talent first’ approach with a focus on diverse talent pipelines and continuing to apply the Rooney Rule. We’ve also hosted focus groups around flexible working in senior roles and used this feedback to help to nurture a gender-equitable culture for women at work.

We recognise that we must continue to use feedback to drive further action helping us to reduce the gender and ethnicity pay gaps and develop all of our colleagues, regardless of how they identify.

As Chief Executive of Home Group I can confirm that the information contained in this statement is accurate.

Mark Henderson, Home Group CEO

So how are we doing?


  • The UK gender pay gap is 15.4% (ONS, 2021)
  • The Home Group gender pay gap (mean) is 13.52%
  • The Home Group gender pay gap (median) is 9.17%
  • We employ 3001 people; 63.95% are female and 36.05% are male


  • The Home Group ethnicity pay gap (mean) is 7.19%
  • The Home Group ethnicity pay gap (median) is 7.64%%
  • We employ 3001 people; 75.51% identify as White, 9.43% as multicultural and 15.06% did not declare their ethnicity

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