How to fix a dripping tap

A dripping tap can be annoying and, when left, can cause flooding or damp and mould. This can mean that something that starts off as a small problem can very quickly become a big one. So pick up that spanner and let’s get it sorted.

You’ll need an adjustable spanner, screwdrivers, scissors and a replacement cartridge or assorted washers and O-rings, depending on what kind of tap you have. To fix your leaking tap, follow these easy steps: 

Dripping tap step 1

Step one

Before you begin switch off the boiler. Then switch off the water in your home by turning the stopcock in your house clockwise.

Dripping tap step 2

Step two

Run the tap until there’s no water left in it.

Dripping tap step 3

Step three

Put the plug in the sink.

Dripping tap step 4

Step four

Find the tap screw (this is the bit that holds your tap together) - it might be hidden by the hot and cold caps or indicator, so you might need to pop those off first.

Dripping tap step 5

Step five

Take off the tap head (the bit you turn) - lay all your bits and pieces out safely by the side of the sink, in the order that you took them off so that you can put them back together again in the right order.

Dripping tap step 6

Step six

Replace the ceramic disk or rubber washer by using your spanner to turn the valve until it comes out - then you’ll be able to see the washer to replace it with the new one. Alternatively, just pop the new cartridge in.

Dripping tap step 7

Step seven

Put your tap back together and test it carefully and turn your boiler back on.

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