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Cleaning Mould

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How to remove small patches of mould in your home

Sofia Bunce

Sofia Bunce, digital content executive

Discovering small mould patches in your home is completely normal, but knowing how to clean it properly is the key to making sure mould doesn't return.

Read this step by step guide or watch our YouTube video on how to remove small patches of mould for tips on dealing with damp and mould when the weather turns cold.

Before you start, here's what you will need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • An old rag 
  • Mould spray (you can find this at your local shop

Step one:

  • Pop on your rubber gloves

Step two:

  • Grab your mould remover spray and rag

Slide note... remember to clear the area of any items that could be damaged.

Step three:

  • Spray the mould with the mould remover and leave it to sit for two minutes

Step four:

  • Wipe the area clean with your old rag
  • If this hasn't fully worked, repeat this process

How to report damp and mould

You can report damp and mould by calling 0345 141 4663 (select the dedicated option) or online:

Renters: report damp and mould online

Homeowners: report damp and mould online

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