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Disability ally pledge

Herman Khosah

Written by Herman Khosah, Senior marketing executive

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusivity. We want our customers and colleagues to feel confident to be their true selves. Part of that is hearing what our customers have to say and putting it into action. That's where the disability ally pledge comes in; developed by customers, for colleagues.

'We are Unique and Proud' is the customer diversity action group behind the pledge. They have around 10 regular members who are all customers. They meet every two to three months. Their priorities are to:

  • Put customers at the centre of decision-making when alterations are made to their homes
  • Involve customers in the planning stage of new developments
  • Advocate for accessible offices
  • Raise awareness with colleagues about disabilities
  • Review policies to ensure they are inclusive
  • Challenge stigma
  • Create a positive impact in local communities
  • Create fair policies for all
  • Create a colleague pledge

They have been working hard to create the colleague pledge. This will allow colleagues to show their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. The group aims to get all Home Group colleagues signed up. This would support the understanding of disabilities and how they impact people.

The pledge reads:

I pledge to...

  • Be aware that some disabilities are invisible
  • Show empathy and compassion
  • Challenge stigma, discrimination, and prejudice
  • Promote and engage with disability events and campaigns
  • Investigate individual circumstances without judgement
  • Ask permission before assisting someone
  • Use language that refers to the person first, not their disability
  • Increase my knowledge and understanding of disabilities
  • Be accepting of differences
  • Consider the needs of people with disabilities when making decisions

The group is also developing a reverse mentoring programme to support the pledge. Customers with disabilities will partner with colleagues for disability focused mentoring.

If you want to join ‘We are Unique and Proud’, please get in touch.

Updated July 2024 for relevance.

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