Customer viewpoint teams

Viewpoint meetings are one of the many ways you can get involved and help us improve our services

Customer viewpoint teams give us valuable feedback on how we can improve our services

Our customer viewpoint teams are made up of customers who rent from us, live in our supported living services or are leasehold customers.

Customer viewpoint teams can review anything we do, which could include:

  • Looking at the type of complaints we get
  • Reviewing improvements we could make when things haven't gone right
  • How we're performing against our customer promise
  • Feeding back on proposed changes to the way we do things

They are run by customers, for customers, with the support of our engagement team. They are normally held quarterly, but each viewpoint team decides how frequently they meet.

To find out more, or join a viewpoint meeting near you, contact our engagement team.

Customer viewpoint documents

Find out what our viewpoint teams have been discussing.

We're listening

There are lots of ways for you to feedback and tell us what's working well, and what we can improve.

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