New affordable homes at Woodcross Gate development in Middlesbrough

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New partnership speeds up affordable homes delivery

Steve Heywood

Steve Heywood, media manager

Around 150 much needed affordable homes are being built across Teesside thanks to a fledgling partnership.

North-East based housing association Home Group has teamed up with Miller Homes to deliver the houses to help meet the demand from Teessiders wanting a new, and affordable home in their area.

The properties range from two to five bedroom homes and are spread across Teesside, which are most welcome given the need for housing in the area.

A recent report produced on behalf of Middlesbrough Council showed that over 250 affordable homes were needed to be built per annum in the town alone.

Kitson Keen, Director of Development at Home Group, said: “Teesside, like large parts of the North-East, need many more affordable homes to satisfy demand. By creating this promising partnership with Miller Homes we are making significant inroads into helping to meet that demand.

“It’s a partnership we are committed to growing in order to bring even more affordable homes to the region.”

Mark Bayliss, Regional Managing Director, Miller homes Teesside said: “We understand the significance of quality-built, energy-efficient homes that cater for diverse living needs, and our partnership with Home Group enables us to help support the delivery of these type of affordable homes in the Teesside region.

“This collaboration underpins our commitment to providing sustainable homes that not only meet current demands but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious and resilient future for our communities."

Home Group has worked in partnership with Homes England to help deliver the new homes.

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