Housing estate.


You can apply directly from us in this area. Click "search for property" to see what properties are available or join our waiting list.

Or rent directly from your local council. For information visit your local council

Read more about our allocation policy and how your application is assessed.

To rent a home you may need to:

  • Be aged over 18. If you are aged 16 or 17 contact your local council
  • Have a housing need
  • Meet the right to rent criteria (England only)
  • Complete an affordability assessment

If you already own a property, we will only consider you for housing in exceptional circumstances.

There are some circumstances where we may not consider you for housing.

Housing is allocated using a banding system based on need. You can find full details in how your application is assessed.

What happens when you apply direct to Home Group

By applying for any of the properties available, you will be added to our waiting list and considered for any property that meets your needs.

This means you only need to apply once to be considered for any suitable property in your area.

How to apply for a home

Search online for a property and complete our application form.

Step-by-step guide to applying for a home


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