Gateshead Innovation Village built up estate.


Flats, houses and bungalows to rent in Dundee.

To rent a home you may need to:

- Be aged 16 or over
- Have a housing need
- Complete an affordability assessment

If you already own a property we will only consider you for housing in exceptional circumstances.

There are some circumstances where we may not consider you for housing.

Read our allocations policy for full details.

Housing is allocated using a banding system based on need. You can find full details in how your application is assessed.

View our home locations and property sizes in Dundee: these aren't all available but will give you a good idea if we have what you need.

How to apply for a home

Apply for mid market rent

Mid market rent (MMR) homes are for households unlikely to qualify for social housing.

Apply for mid market rent at Ballantynes estate agents.


Apply for social housing

Complete the form below. You will need to know your:

- Addresses from the last five years

- Details of who you currently live with

- Name and birth date of everyone who you will be living with

We will also ask you questions about your:

- Current housing situation

- Housing needs

- Support needs

- Financial and work status

- Personal information

If you'd like us to send you a housing application form email

Return your form to: Home Group, Pavilion 6, 321 Springhill Parkway, Glasgow Business Park, Baillieston, Glasgow G69 6GA

Step-by-step guide to applying for a home


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