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We’re improving our phone lines

Sofia Bunce

Sofia Bunce, digital content executive

From Wednesday 29 November 2023 you might notice a change when you call our 0345 customer service number. We will start asking customers the standard identification questions before putting them through to the team.

Why is this changing and how is it good for you? 

The new automated process means our customer service teams will have even more time to help customers rather than spend time carrying out identification questions. We hope this will improve your experience.

When calling our 0345 number, you will be prompted to confirm if you are the primary tenant. After that you will need to answer a few questions, you can answer these verbally or use your keypad.

You will be asked for your:

  • Tenancy reference number (so have it handy!)
  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Date of birth

It’s really safe and easy to do but if you would rather speak to the team to do this, you still can.

Start using live chat

Don't forget, it's really easy to speak to our customer service team through live chat.

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