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Tackling anti-social behaviour

Aimee Cavener

Written by Aimee Cavener, marketing advisor

In January 2023, Monkland and Westward in Middlesbrough was a different place.

Customers told us that crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) were an issue, there was no community spirit, and the area was unkept.

We worked on this feedback. Along with a specialist ASB plan and a communal door replacement programme; we organised a community event.

Maintenance colleagues worked with Bell Group and Batson Groundcare to brighten up the area. They added new plants and some planters made by the apprenticeship team at Bell Group.

There was a ukulele band that had customers and colleagues dancing in the street! The ice cream van was a huge hit and really brought people together, you’re never too old for a flake 99.

We even had the mayor of Middlesbrough and some local councillors join us. Their passion for the people of Middlesbrough was clear to see.

Customers told us it was a great event and they enjoyed the community spirit.

Hear from some of those involved in the community event

“It’s really good to see Home Group investing in the area…in the things that matter most to residents, like security. Good housing providers should be looking after their customers and that’s exactly what Home Group is doing. I really welcome the change and it’s great to see”. Chris Cooke, Mayor of Middlesbrough

Andrew At Community Event

It’s very well organised 

Andrew | health and safety apprentice and Home Group customer


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