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Resetting your My Home Account password

Aimee Cavener

Written by Aimee Cavener, senior marketing executive

If you’re a regular user of My Home Account, now and again, you will need to change your password. We have received feedback from several customers who struggled with this. We’ve put together a handy step by step guide and a video tutorial to help you.

Log in to My Home Account

Step one

Go to the My Home Account log in screen. To reset your password, click ‘reset your password’ underneath the log in button

Change your password.

Step two

Enter the email address that is associated with your My Home Account log in. Take care when entering this, as this is where the verification code will be sent. Click ‘send verification code’.

Enter verification code.

Step three

You will be taken to a new screen and prompted to add the verification code. You’ll need to open your email inbox to get this code. The code can take a few minutes to arrive as it is sent on behalf of Microsoft.

Your email should look like this.

The email will look like this:

Don't forget to check your junk folder.

Enter verification code.

Step four

Add the code and press confirm. This will check that your account exists.

Confirm verification code.

Step five

If your account exists, on the next screen, press continue.

Create your new password.

Step six

On this screen, you can create your new password. It needs to contain a minimum of eight characters, a number, a mix of lower and uppercase letters and a special character. Once you’re happy, click confirm to change your password. You can now log into My Home Account.

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