Gateshead Innovation Village built up estate.

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Innovating for our future

Steve Heywood

Written by Steve Heywood, media manager

On the day that COP26 focusses on how science and innovation can deliver climate solutions, we're looking back at Gateshead Innovation VIllage.

This unique housing project set us on a more sustainable path. 

We fitted four different electric heating systems in the Village’s 41 homes. This meant we could see which worked best for our customers, and our environment.

We expected teething problems. We also expected the energy efficiency stats to be impressive. They were.


Gateshead Innovation Village terraced block.

Three of the systems immediately met the Government’s 2025 Future Homes Standard. That's 75% - 80% less CO2. The fourth wasn't far behind.

We’ve been so pleased with the results. It has given us the confidence to invest more time and resources to bring in new technologies. This means we can improve how we heat our customers’ homes, give them value for money, and do our bit to get to net zero.

We now have several innovative sustainability pilot projects underway. We're ensuring we build on the fantastic Gateshead Innovation Village project.

We know science and innovation in housing can deliver climate solutions. We are playing our part.

Testing energy efficient technology

Find out more about our unique housing project. 

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