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Four ways to take better care of yourself

Ellie Hughes

Written by Ellie Hughes, marketing campaign manager

It's been a tough year, remember to take time out to look after you.

With the help of some of our customers and colleagues, we’ve put together some top tips here on how to take care of your health and wellbeing.

1. Keep active

Go for a walk or spend time in an outdoor space if you can; enjoy your surroundings. If you can't get out, think about what you could do at home - try some gentle sitting exercises if you can, or maybe some yoga. 

2. Go at your own pace

It's perfectly understandable that some of us are feeling bit anxious about coming out of lockdown. As restrictions continue to ease, go at your own pace and try not to feel under pressure. Do what you feel comfortable with and build up your activity level gradually. 

3. Try something new

From reading and drawing to jigsaws and puzzles, find a hobby you can look forward to and concentrate on. Both customers and colleagues have told us taking time out for yourself to do a relaxing activity can make all the difference.

3. Stay connected

It's so important to stay connected with people; a quick call, chat online or socially distanced walk with friend or family member could do you both the world of good.

4. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can be described as something that helps lower your stress levels and improve your wellbeing; taking time out to get creative is something that could really help you do this. You could try enjoying some colouring-in or taking some time to sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing.

Mental health support

You can always speak to your support worker if you have one, as well as your doctor. Remember there are lots of people and organisations out there who can offer you support.

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