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Sushila Shah

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Customer service centre: behind the scenes

Aimee Cavener

Written by Aimee Cavener, senior marketing executive

Over the summer several customers have visited our head office in Newcastle. They came from all over the country, from Hertfordshire to Harrow and Cumbria.

As part of their visits, customers met our colleagues in the customer service centre. They listened to calls, experienced our live chat, and got to know some of our customer service advisers.  

We asked a few of our visitors about their experience. Read on to hear from: 

19788 Doris And Ella

Doris (right) and Ella (left)


  • Home Group customer for six years
  • Lives in Harrow
  • Involved customer for two years


  • Home Group customer for 13 years 
  • Lives in Harrow
  • Involved customer for eight years
19787 Dee Customer Visit To CSC 2023

Dee (left)

  • Home Group customer for 11 years 
  • Lives in North London 
  • Involved customer for four years
19757 Angela Customer Consultation 2023

Angela (second to the right)

  • Home Group customer for four years 
  • Lives in Hertfordshire 
  • Involved customers for three years

What was the main thing you learned on your visit to Strawberry Lane? 

Angela: I learnt more about how the customer service centre operates.
Ella: I learned about how Home Group operates behind the scenes. Colleagues were happy to answer any questions. 

Was there anything about the customer service centre that surprised you? 

Angela: It was quite small in comparison to the area that Home Group covers [all of England and Scotland].
Doris: The enthusiasm from colleagues to achieve objectives. 

What would you say to customers who are contacting the customer service centre? 

Angela: Colleagues we met are well trained, supported, friendly and very busy.
Dee: Be patient, do not assume that they have all the answers at their fingertips; but they will strive to do the best of their ability.
Doris: They are worth contacting. I did it myself and got a speedy and helpful response.
Ella: Customer service colleagues are very friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help customers with their queries. 

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