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Celebrating our customers and volunteers

Jo Armstrong

Written by Jo Armstrong, marketing adviser

Meet our winners

Our Customer and Volunteer Awards are our opportunity to recognise and celebrate customers and volunteers who inspire others through their remarkable achievements. Here are our worthy winners from last year and details of how you can nominate for this years’ awards


Carl was a constant source of support to other customers during the pandemic “He has made a difference to so many people through his friendship and caring nature”


Caroline is patient, caring, and always makes time for others. She has been a shoulder to cry on and a mentor to encourage. "I love that Caroline has this amazing memory that will last a lifetime and I’m proud to have been part of creating that."


Kelly has been an involved customer for over eight years helping us improve our service, sharing her skills and experience, and supporting other customers.

Dee, Sheila and Karen

Dee, Sheila and Karen this astounding group of women produced our first Customer Report , an outstanding piece of work, they agreed the format, wrote the content, and approved the final version. "It’s nice to be recognised for our hard work, I just can’t believe this has all been planned without me knowing!"


Ewanrigg and Netherton Tenants and Residents Association (ENTRA) group

Ewanrigg and Netherton Tenant and Resident’s Association secured £27,000 of funding for building improvements and delivered 1000 ‘Bags of Hope’ in Maryport during lockdown. “ENTRA volunteers are exceptional people making an extraordinary difference to their community”


John has remained dedicated to getting the best results for Home Group and customers through his numerous involvement activities. "What an awesome day… I was buzzing until midnight!"


Lucy is over 90 years young and her community spirit is like no other, befriending new customers to reduce their anxiety and settle into their new environment. “Lucy is friendly, polite, and helpful. She's a fantastic customer and a beautiful person throughout”

Caroline Palmer


Sophie won the ‘Bill Barnes Customer Choice Award’ for her amazing personal journey to independent living massive thank you to everyone involved, it really was an emotional and special day for a fabulous customer.


Rebecca helped set up the ‘We Will’ group for young people; leading change in youth mental health throughout Cumbria and beyond. “Rebecca’s care and accountability has been paramount to the multi award winning group’s success”


Karen is always on hand to provide support to neighbours and friends, shopping and cooking meals for more vulnerable customers during the pandemic. "I had the most amazing day celebrating… One I’ll remember forever."


Hope has astounded colleagues with her epic transformation and journey of personal achievement and success in the face of numerous challenges. "I was so surprised to win something, people don’t usually notice me! It feels good to know people can see that I struggle but keep pushing myself anyway."

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