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Celebrate with your community

Aimee Cavener

Written by Aimee Cavener, marketing advisor

Street parties aren't just for the Jubilee. They are a great way of bringing communities together whatever the occasion.

Lots of our customers celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. From afternoon tea to creative decorations, they had it all. You can enjoy their photos below.

If you are thinking about a community celebration, a street party is a great option. It is much easier than you might think and if everyone brings something then it should not cost much.

What is a street party?

Before we get started, it is useful to know that there is a difference between a street party and a large public event. Gov UK describes a street party as:

  • Only for residents/neighbours
  • Can only be publicised to residents
  • In a quiet residential; road, block of flats or local green space
  • Self-organised
  • Normally no insurance is needed (but check with your council)
  • No formal risk assessments needed
  • No licences normally necessary unless alcohol is being sold

Making your idea a reality

Get chatting to your neighbours and see if they would be interested in your idea.

Once you know everyone is on board, plan some meetings. This means everyone can get together and decide on a date for your party.

Harrow Rayners Lane customers

Next steps

  1. Once you have a date in mind, you will need to speak with your local council and apply to hold a street party. You need to apply for road closure at least six weeks before the event.
  2. It is important that you do everything your council asks. You will need to get this information from them.
  3. You will only need a licence if you plan to sell alcohol, so decide whether this is needed.
  4. Think about everything that needs to be done for the event. For example, activities, decorations, music, tables/chairs, sending out invites to the party, road signs and barriers (some councils will lend these to you). Street party has a handy planning guide.
  5. Assign tasks to people so everyone is involved in organising the event.
  6. Make sure you plan regular catch-ups to make sure your event is on track. You might also want to make a group WhatsApp chat so you can keep in touch and share ideas with everyone.

The countdown is on

Everyone in the street should have an invite already but it’s good to send out a reminder that the party is coming up.

About a week or so in advance is good so that people know to move their cars if needed, or get baking some sweet treats!

It’s party time

It is time to set up your street party.

  • Get your decorations, tables/chairs, food, and road closure barriers ready.
  • Take lots of photos with everyone and enjoy your day together
  • Make sure to clean up after the party

If you all enjoyed the day then why not make it a yearly thing.

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