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Benefits and money advice

entitledto fair processing notice

How we work with entitiledto to provide budgeting and benefits tools.

Image: entitledto fair processing notice

About entitledto

We work with a company called entitledto, that provide online budgeting, benefits and affordability tools to help you improve how you budget and save. This includes our budgeting tool, affordability tool and benefit calculator.

Data collection

When you use any of our online entitledto tools, you’ll need to tell us a little bit about your financial situation. Anything you tell us will be anonymous and only handled by authorised, trained members of our team.

We promise we’ll only ever collect your data in accordance with the requirements of The United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (The UK GDPR). The UK GDPR means that you have rights you never had before and all companies are now legally obliged to let you know exactly what they’re doing with your data.

Data storage

Your information will be kept on our secure system for the length of your tenancy (or, if you’re an applicant, while we assess your application). We hold it for as long as needed as outlined in our Information Governance policy and data retention guidance. When we no longer need it, it will be securely and permanently deleted.

Data management

We always have your very best interests at heart and part of that is letting you know exactly how we manage and use your information. The information you tell us through our entiltedto online tools is linked to a unique reference number, which allows a small number of our trained Home Group colleagues to be able to access your details so they can talk about your personal results with you. Please note that only authorised members of our team will be able to access your information.

To make sure we’re always providing you with the best service possible, we might also use the information you’ve given us to check if the tool has made a positive difference to your account. Your information might also be used for research purposes, such as management information and statistics.

Please note, any information you give us will never be shared with other organisations. 

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