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Benefits and money advice

Energy saving tips

Lowering your energy bills could be easier than you think. Read on for our super-simple energy saving tips.

Image: Energy saving tips
  • Get a better rate or switch
  • Save money on your bills
  • Extra financial help

A simple way to save money is to make sure you're on the best rate and switch if you can. Switching or not, always make sure you keep up to date with your bills. Get in touch with your provider sooner rather than later if you're struggling to pay. Read on for some top tips to get you started.

Free energy and money-saving advice

Connect for Help is a free service to help you reduce your energy bills. Visit Connect for Help online or call 0800 029 4548 

Tip 1

If you've moved to a new provider because your energy supplier has gone bust, you will not be on the same rate. This means it's time to compare rates with other providers and find the right one for you. Get in touch with Connect for Help or read our tips to get the best rate.

If you were paying a debt to your old supplier you will still need to pay this back. The Citizens Advice website tells you what you should do next: Your energy provider has gone bust.

Tip 2

If you're not tied to your current provider check if switching can save you money. Companies like USwitch and Compare the Market can show you what else is available. And Connect for Help provide free independent advice.

Can't switch because of arrears? Contact your provider and ask to be put on the lowest rate.

Tip 3

Remember prices can rise and fall and the review of the price cap is due in April 2022.  Some providers have an exit fee so if you tie in and prices go down, you may be stuck with a fee to lower your bills.  But if prices go up, then you win! 

Tip 4

Pre-payment meters are often the most expensive ways to pay for your energy, however they can help people to budget and ensure that they don’t get large bills. Switching is possible for pre-payment customers and this can save you money so is worth looking at.

Or make the move to a smart meter; you can move off pre-payment, keep an eye on how much you're spending and even switch tariffs remotely.

Tip 5

Using the same provider for gas and electricity, known as dual fuel, and paying by Direct Debit is usually the cheapest way to get your energy.

Tip 6

Look at different types of rates. Maybe you are at home at different times than you used to be. In which case an off-peak tariff, where you run your appliances at certain times of the day or night, could save you money. But do your homework; they aren't cheaper for everyone and running appliances while you sleep is a fire hazard.

50/50 financial inclusion team

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