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Benefits and money advice

Energy saving tips

Lowering your energy bills could be easier than you think. Read on for our super-simple energy saving tips.

Image: Energy saving tips
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Our top tip for saving money is to switch your gas and electricity provider as it could save you a pretty penny, and it's so easy to do. Whether you switch or not make sure you keep up with your utility bills. If you're struggling to pay get in touch with your provider sooner rather than later.

Tip 1

Our top tip is that switching your gas and electricity provider could save you money. Companies like Switch Aid, USwitch and Compare the Market can help to find you cheaper deals, as long as you’re not tied in with your current provider.

Tip 2

Paying for dual fuel by Direct Debit is usually the cheapest way to get gas and electricity.

Tip 3

Pre-payment meters are often the most expensive ways to pay for your energy, however they can help people to budget and ensure that they don’t get large bills. Switching is possible for pre-payment customers and this can save you money so is worth looking at.

Tip 4

If you don’t want to switch or can’t because of arrears, call your provider and ask them to make sure you’re on the lowest rate possible.

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