Ground rent

Everything you need to know about ground rent.

Home Group no longer collects ground rents from leaseholders

This is the case where we either already collect a ground rent, or where we are able to collect a ground rent from you under the terms of your lease but may have not have collected it previously.

Ground rents tend to for be relatively small amounts, but we know that when the lease permits future increases in the ground rent it can cause problems for customers when they try to sell or remortgage their home. Also, leaseholders think that ground rents are simply unfair, as unlike service charges the landlord provides no service in return.

Legislation already bans new ground rents from being created, and the government has consulted on limiting existing ground rents. While the outcome of this consultation is not yet known, we have taken the decision to voluntarily stop collecting ground rents and absorb the financial impact. This does not change the terms of your lease, but you will not be charged ground rent by Home Group from now on.

Ground rent FAQs

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