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Complaints in numbers

We don’t always get it right. When this happens, we encourage customers to complain so we can sort things out and learn from mistakes we have made.

We’ve broken last year’s complaints numbers down so that you can see what they were for, and what happened to them.

How many complaints did we receive last year?

  • Stage 1 complaints – rented and leasehold – 4186
  • Stage 2 complaints – rented and leasehold – 437
  • Stage 1 complaints – Scotland – 270
  • Stage 2 complaints – Scotland – 68

What were the outcomes of the complaints?

  • The majority of complaints (63.18%) were resolved and upheld
  • 10.99% of complaints were not upheld, but they were resolved
  • 5.89% of complaints were withdrawn
  • 5.36% of complaints were partially upheld and resolved
  • 4.65% of complaints were upheld and unresolved
  • For 4.20% of complaints we were not able to contact the person who complained
  • The rest of complaints were either logged in error, not upheld and not resolved, ongoing, recorded as unreasonable or referred to the legal department

What are the most popular causes for complaints?

The top five causes of complaints last year were:

  • No heating or hot water
  • Outstanding multiple repairs
  • Leaks
  • Fencing
  • Missed appointments

Our complaints and customer engagement teams are constantly working with colleagues across Home Group to look at the themes of complaints, and make plans for how we can improve. You can read more on our blog on how we learn from complaints.

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