Maureen, Kent

“We lived in Brighton when my husband died in 2003. My kids would come down from London every weekend to see me, but it could take over 2 hours each way for them.

“They were worried they couldn’t get to me quickly enough if I was ill so I decided to move a bit closer to them.

“I looked at loads before seeing Glenrose Couse, some were too small – you couldn’t swing a cat – others weren’t all that clean.

“When I saw this one I fell in love with it immediately. When you walk in the front door it’s spotless.

“The people here are very friendly and the manager is excellent.

“I remember moving in on a Thursday afternoon - there was a thunderstorm.  The man who lives in the flat next door introduced himself straight away and helped me carry in a load of wet boxes.

“I go to the communal area most afternoons to play dominoes with some of the other residents. And every Monday morning everybody gets together for tea and toast.  It’s a really social thing.

“I first viewed it in the April and was moved in by the August.  I had some problems with solicitors but Home Group were really helpful.”