Sue, Middlesex

“I moved into Fairfield Court in January 2014 after realising I could no longer afford to live in my old home.

“I was originally looking at a development over the road but when I viewed it I thought it was too noisy.  Then the estate agent suggested I look at this one.

“I liked it immediately, particularly because it has easy access to the local shops and the tube as well as a communal garden.  It was much quieter too.

“My favourite thing though is the church in the grounds.  I had lived in Northwood Hills for 18 years and didn’t know it existed until I looked around Fairfield Court.

“It is thriving and very much the centre of the local community – it has a congregation of around 150 people – and things like the Friday coffee shop means some of the older residents get the chance to meet new people.

“I have recommended Farifield Court and Home Group to some friends – they’re just waiting for something to become available.”