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Homes to rent

How to rent a home FAQs

We have homes across England and Scotland, but how you apply depends on the area you want to live in.

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In some locations, we rent out our homes directly. In others, we work with your local authority to provide homes through a choice-based lettings scheme or a common housing register. These schemes let you bid for one of our homes if you’re on the local authority housing waiting list. We may also take referrals for housing, for example if you are homeless.

Choice-based lettings

Choice-based lettings

Many councils and housing associations let their homes using choice-based lettings schemes. These schemes let you choose which home you'd like to be considered for by placing a bid.

Direct applications

Applying directly

Depending where you live, you may need to apply directly to us. To find out if you need to apply directly, search for a home to rent online and complete the online application form.

I want to apply for a home...

Choice-based lettings or apply direct? Search online to find out how to apply in your area.

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