Buying with us

Buying a new home or making your first move onto the property ladder can be daunting and confusing with so many different buying options available.

Our dedicated and fully experienced sales team has all the knowledge you need and can cut through the jargon.



We will talk you through all the options and help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.



We'll ensure everything goes smoothly and seamlessly.



Having a huge range of properties, from one and two bedroom apartments through to larger three and four bedroom family homes, we also have a range of house buying options to suit every home buyer's individual needs.



Shared ownership



A government-backed housing scheme, shared ownership allows you to buy your dream home for less, so it's a great way to get onto the property ladder or buy a larger home than you'd first thought you could afford.



The process begins with you buying a share of the property (usually between 25 and 75%, depending on what you can afford) via a shared ownership home mortgage.



As the housing provider, we own the remaining share of the property and you pay a reduced rent on that remaining share.



Over time, you'll have the opportunity to increase the share you own by buying some, or all, of the remaining shares (known as 'staircasing'). And of course, the more shares you buy and own, the less rent you'll pay.



View our dedicated shared ownership page for more information on the scheme and to see the criteria for applying.



Help To Buy equity loan scheme



A popular government scheme introduced to help more people get onto, or move further up, the housing ladder, Help to Buy equity loans are a great option if you want to buy a home, but are struggling to raise the necessary deposit.



Needing just a 5% deposit, the government provides an additional 20%, meaning you only require a mortgage for 75%, giving you access to more competitive mortgage rates.



With the government equity loan interest-free for the first five years, you can view our dedicated Help to Buy page for further information on the scheme and discover the eligibility criteria.


Help to Buy schemes for tenants thinking of home ownership.



There are a number of schemes to help people currently renting a home from a social landlord to buy their home. If you’re a tenant of Home Group and interested in home ownership, these schemes could help you achieve your dream. Find out more about Right to Buy, Right to Acquire, and Voluntary Right to Buy.