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Podcasts - Talking care and clinical support

A series of podcasts showcasing how our unique mix of health, social care and housing services are assisting customers across England. Find out how we're meeting the challenges of implementing innovative models of care and support and the difference they are making to customers and families.

  • A three-part series with Professor Chrissie Rogers, Director of the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent. In this episode, we explore the issues that are affecting our care workforce at the moment. Please note this series is created for adult audiences only, and this episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners.

  • In this episode, Dr Nicola Stefanou has a candid chat about the care system with two very special guests: Sir Norman Lamb, former minister of State and Support and Sean Duggan the Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation's Mental Health Network.

    Together they examine the challenges that those with autism and/or intellectual disability and mental health challenges continue to face. This includes some focus on the continued challenges faced by the transforming care program, and they also discuss the issues surrounding the high number of people that remain living in hospitals and care homes.

  • In episode four, Dr Nic talks to Vic Rayner, the Chief executive of the National Care Forum. The forum represents organisations in the social care sector.

    They talk about the real pressures facing the sector in a post-Covid world. They cover things like high vacancy rates and attracting new members of staff. Plus, how the public and decision-makers view the service and importantly how social care is paid for.

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