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Meet our sustainability team

Herman Khosah

Written by Herman Kohsah, marketing adviser

Who are the sustainability team?

They support us in progressing our long-term sustainability strategy to meet our net zero targets.

Paul White

Paul, lead sustainability manager

I have worked in environmental sustainability for over 17 years and my role includes looking after a team which delivers our sustainability objectives. 

Some of our sustainability objectives include:

Housing decarbonisation through retrofit
This is the process of upgrading existing homes to reduce their carbon footprint and make them more energy efficient.

Carbon accounting
This involves calculating the number of carbon emissions caused by our operations.

Environmental compliance
Making sure we follow laws, regulations, and other requirements related to environmental protection.

Following ISO14001
Making sure we follow this framework for organisations to manage and improve our environmental performance.

Jessica Scott-Henker

Jessica, sustainability coordinator

My role is to coordinate retrofit projects and help make homes more energy efficient. I monitor the progress, quality and compliances of the project and work on handing over the homes to customers.

The projects I am working on include both waves of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. The government provides this funding and goes towards making social housing more energy efficient. The overall goal here is to make homes warmer, cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly.

I’m proud to have recently received the Retrofit Coordinator Of The Year award. I look forward to building on our great work to make customers’ homes more energy efficient.

Ben Perry

Ben, environmental officer

I’ve been at Home Group for just over six months now and my role focuses on improving our environment and sustainability credentials. This includes calculating the carbon footprint of our offices and homes, improving biodiversity across developments, managing our overall environmental operations and getting colleagues involved with environmental volunteering like tree planting.

I’m keen to improve how we engage with customers about the environment and sustainability. Providing more information on how customers can live more sustainably and how they can become more energy efficient to save money.

Steven Thompson

Steven, retrofit manager

My role is to help make sure we meet our sustainability objectives, I work towards delivering warmer, more sustainable homes for our customers and communities. This can include things like looking into how we can reduce fuel poverty for our customers and meeting government energy performance targets by making sure all our properties become more energy efficient by 2030.

I also review current retrofit schemes to help improve future retrofit projects, this means working with colleagues to come up with sustainable solutions that can help improve how we maintain customer homes.

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