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Make sure it’s just Santa coming down the chimney this Christmas

Vicki Crawford

Written by Vicki Crawford, marketing adviser

The most wonderful time of year is upon us again. Yet now more than ever, you need to be more vigilant about your home security. Over the festive period, the rate of burglaries is known to spike.

Christmas presents
Are you super organised with all your presents wrapped? If you're answering yes, you may want to hold off from putting them under the tree. Burglars like to be quick. If your gifts are out on show, there is a good chance they will be some of the first things a burglar will steal. Wait until the night before Christmas before putting them on display.

Social media
Posting on social media is a day to day activity for most of us, especially during the festive season. As tempting as it is to post pictures of your home looking festive, or when you have done your Christmas shopping you do need to do so with caution. Most social media sites share your location also. This allows you to post when you're Christmas shopping, at a festive event or even where you live. Those innocent posts have shown burglars all the gifts you have bought, and whether you are home or not.

But sharing your life with family and friends is still important. To post safely, review your privacy settings, and make sure your profile is set to private. If there is someone on your friend list you don't recognise, remove them.

Home Security
Be vigilant in protecting your home. Here are a few things to consider which could help keep you safe:

  • Check if your neighbourhood has a watch scheme; if not, you could start one. They are a great way of looking out for each other. It is also found that crime and antisocial behaviour is less likely to happen.
  • Don’t give a burglar a helping hand. Store your bins and ladders away from your property. Lock anything up that can be used to help gain entry to your home.
  • Install a light timer switch to turn lights on and off. Burglars can sit and watch your house to see if anyone is home. Having a few lights turn on and off throughout the house can give the illusion that someone is home.

Something wrong?

If you see any suspicious activity or suspect something is wrong, report it to the police by calling 101 or 999.

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