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It's fraudmass

Dan Burt

Written by Dan Burt, lead cyber security specialist

‘Tis the season for cyber crime. The holiday season inspires goodwill and a sense of giving. Yet, for cyber criminals, this is the season for taking and exploitation. Keep yourself from falling victim to their trickery by keeping an eye out for these common scams.

Be cautious

Fake websites pop up all the time. But there’s no better time to exploit those charitable feelings than Christmas. Before giving to charities online, make sure the website is genuine.

Lookout for fakes

Sometimes deals are too good to be true! Keep an eye out for these once in a lifetime deals; they might be fraudulent. You could end up buying fake products, or worse, giving your money away and getting nothing in return!

Social media chain mail

"Like and Share this post for a chance to win a once in a lifetime holiday!" or "Use your first pet's name and street name to get your elf name." Sound familiar? This kind of message is to make you give away information. Your answers are then used to guess your passwords or answers to your security questions.

Be wary of shipping emails

This a seasonal twist on the usual spam you’ll be familiar with. The festive season generally means you’re expecting more emails with shipping confirmations. Criminals will use this to try and trick you into clicking on dodgy links in their fake shipping emails.

Christmas theme desktop wallpapers

Last year saw an increase in malicious software being attached to theme packs and festive desktop wallpapers. This sort of software can infect both your phones and your computers. Make sure you get new wallpapers from reputable sources.

Something wrong?

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